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My Lil Doll, I'll make you a tramp/pretty doll

Call Me, little Femme/Female to-be..CALL Me,THEMistress Vixen for a VERY Intense real life experience in Bondage-Domination by aReal Dominatrix who is Fun, Sexy, Fascinating, Intellegent, VERY SKILLED,Strict and..?! and VERY Capable of Bringing you to a Fetishland you have never visited or WISH, Beg, love to re-visit AGAIN with Me!

Lovingly in Leather,
Mistress Vixen

Reach ME at 1-800-TO-FLIRT followed by MY personal extension:02686466


u> I DO KNOW what YOU want!-Try Me~*

My RECORDING of Foot Worship w/Me, YOUR Future Domme! Listen anytime, prove you ARE dedicated to Me!

I can provide Information, Counseling and Training in the Understanding esp. significant is the Personal Knowledge of MY OWN Desires and therefore of Your Particular Fetishes,Kink proclivities as a National Demonstrator-Writer in the Arts of BDSM and Kink. (I adore Crossdresser's as fun to train, FUN, FUN to shop with, (((BIG SMILE))- It is one of my Absolute Favorite Fetishes!
I also am an Expert to the following fetishes, Kink desires and their expression in Kink: Leather and other kinds of BONDAGE, Discipline, Role-Playing-Medical, Dominatrix/submissive/slave-Fantasy, always, CD-TV/SchoolTeacher, Fantasy Play roles that are fun and wicked as well as Pretend-consentual Sissification-Being trained to dress-walk-seduce, manners-Protocols, PLAY, PLAY training, Crossdressers, Feminization-Play enforced, Straponsable, QUEENING, Spankings, Objectification, and much more on CBT with about 49 BDSM Techniques of great expertise.

I also very much include Gentler forms of Domination and submission-Scarves and simple bondage with feathers, to various levels-styles Cock bondage or Torment of fun and ALL Bondage in both Leather and Rope-Oriental Shibari bondage, and extreme Edgey fun play, w/consent!!

My ropes of Shibari-Oriental Rope Bondage are Exquisite! I LOVE CBT and Bodyplay ours of my chosing! I Can TRAIN you and do have a personal dungeon, do outcalls around the US and abroad, BUT I do not disclose this to just ANYONE on this website.
I am skilled in Over 149 different areas of Dominance, including physical-Corporal,Verbal-, and mental-mindplays/ploys/play-/Hypnosis-skilled and expert.

I can teach you to Bind yourself and/or Orgasm Control totally AT MY COMMAND and instruction.

I understand you!
Humiliation YOU wish-a particular fondness of mine.
I love Crossdressers and many types of Kinky fetishes and have a devout following of Foot Fetishees.
I LOVE Stilletos, as you can see My sweet little worms, as well as Bustiers and Corsets! Let me train and dress you, show the fantasy play of being an inner Lady or other type of woman as we decide. As I decide. IT is supposed to be fun!

BUT, In order to get the pleasure/pain, humiliation you CRAVE my Darling little whoreFemmes and Men?...!!
YOU HAVE TO ASK->When to Speak to Me and I will be PLEASED, you sweet little sextoy so happy!! saying "Please, Mistress?" sweetly and Sincerely!!
- OR to do ANYTHING to yourself or with Me, if you are seeking me as a Dominatrix/Mistress!!!

Greetings, again. An update to my little to be's, ,to anything I chose to call you. I will name you at My pleasure.

I appreciate your interest, but do not consult offline for a good amount of time. I have a full private dungeon and am quite busy with that.

As I said.. I have a private and discrete dungeon work a good deal in real life.

My per minute costs here are VERY minimal compared to the real life dungeon experience with me.
As I become acquainted with you, I will consider you for private sessions, as I travel frequently to do IOutcalls in the US-UK as well as Incalls here in My area.

Yes, I have been wonderfully Real for over 15 years as Professional Dominatrix!

I will be checking for messages and appointments. I do not do a schedule here, but I do respond within 48+ hrs to you.

In Leather,THEMistressVixen