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Erotic Hynosis: Induction and Seduction



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Welcome to the world of Erotic Hypnosis.

This recording is meant for the lover of sensual domination. It incorporates an in depth induction and sensual seduction that acts as a natural deepener. You will give up your control to Me willing and I will guide you into a sexual encounter of incredible depth and realism. You will feel each of your sense stimulated as well as your sexual desires. I am very skilled at encouraging your cock to respond to My voice. You will feel that keen desire to follow My instructions and you will feel the stroke of My fingers and the caress of My voice.

To fully experience this hypnotic trance you will need a candle or you can use the animated candle I have provided at the bottom of the page. I use the flickering imagery to help you focus and ensure you fall as deeply into the relaxed state as possible.

Tips on how to get the most out of your hypnotic experience:

  • Make sure you are comfortable. You may sit or lie down as long as you are able to foucs on your candle/animation. Dress for the occasion. The more you immerse yourself in the experience the deeper you will experience the subtle nuances. The more willing your mind is to accept suggestions. Naked is always the best choice by the way! I try to incorporate sensations I know you will be experiencing into the session to intensify the experience.
  • Allow yourself enough time without interruption. This is eroticism at its finest. It is meant to be savored…not rushed. Although there are short inductions they may not take you quite as deep unless you are highly suggestible or hypnotized regularly. Choose a time that you are least likely to be interrupted. Maintaining the depth of trance is very important. Try to pick a time when you will be able to enjoy the long lasting effects. The relaxation of the experience can be a great way to face the rest of a stressful day or a way to ensure a peaceful nights rest.
  • Create an atmosphere. Candlelight is very hypnotic and incense can stimulate you in many ways. Amazingly, the scents of lavender and pumpkin pie are two powerful aphrodisiacs. It has been proven that the sense of smell can trigger powerful memories and elicit more powerful responses then other senses. A pair of scented panties are of course the ultimate addition to the experience!
  • Approach your session as a part of a journey. Erotic hypnosis involves trust and goes beyond the sexual experience. It is an exploration of the subconscious and in many ways more intimate because of its connection to both intellect and sexual instinct.

    If you are using a real candle make sure it is on a firesafe surface and away from flammable objects such as curtains, clothes or bedding!
    This recording instructs you to close your eyes. Do not listen to it while you are engaged in other activities such as driving or operating machinery!

    Flashing animations have been known to cause seizures in epileptics and others. If you have epilepsy or any other condition that would make you prone to seizures DO NOT listen to this recording. Try another of my listings as I update and add more!