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Hi my name is Elena and I've mentioned in my other listings how I went to an all girl's Catholic school and I mentioned how close our attachments were; however I know I've left something out. I skirt around the fact that I am totally and completely bisexual and I LOVE women. The scent, touch and feel of a woman. The beauty of her curves and the way she makes me melt into her arms with a single look...

The following is just one of my many stories: At my local University we have the recreation center and I go there for a two hour work out each day; well one day as I was in the shower room headed for the showers in walks the redhead I've been fantasizing about for months. One minute I think I've started fantasizing in another dimension and the next I realize that no, her lips are really on mine and her tongue is sliding across my lips the pressure of her body against mine was enough to make me weak in the knees I collapsed against the wall and then was pulled back up by her. She led me into the shower and well, we put on a heck of a "show" or so I hear. I was so focused on her that whole time it didn't matter where we were. At that moment and now I get lost in the way she topped me and took absolute control of the situation. I've always been the submissive type but as much as I love to submit there was something about submitting to her that was just the sweetest thing I've experienced. I think it's that she did so without asking me or knowing if I would truly be up for being topped.

If you are a man and you have bi-sexual fantasies or experiences and just want to chat about them or you want a female's perspective of those fantasies or experiences then I am here to listen and offer support. I always give my honest opinion, of a situation so if what I say is not what you want to hear because you honestly want to hear about how much of a little fag boy you are or something and I think it's cool that you sucked off another guy or let him **** you in your ass then all I can say is that the deception is your own and I do NOT deserve to be penalized with negative feedback because I a) did not read your mind about your needing the humiliation and b) offered my honest opinion of your actions. Expect the truth and you will get it, expect a lie and you will be disappointed.

If you want to hear the full story or if you are a woman who is looking for someone to top I am definitely your girl.

What no flashy advertisement to entice you? I just want to be graphic with you in other ways!!!! CALL ME!!

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