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Call Button"NOTE FROM KE L0L0"
" 06 / 13 / 17"

OooWeee I'm PISSED! Somebody went & opened they BIG MOUTH to Derwin (My dude in the Service) Now he's onto My BIG BLACK ASS! He sent Me a letter saying that some dude in his company be talkin bout this site where all these BIG BLACK BOOTY & TITTY chicks is and how he "CALL ME & jack his white dick off to this REAL BIG one called "BOOM BOOM" (I'm sooo HEATED!)

Now how would you like it if I told your white flat pancake-ass wife that you CALL ME almost "EVERYDAY" & WHACK yo white dick off while talking to My BIG FAT BLACK ASS? ummmhuh now you startin to get the picture.

Well the SHIT DONE HIT THE FAN! and I AIN'T goin NOWHERE!" Shit I LOVE talkin to yall white muthafuckas while yall PAY ME to get yo DICK OFF! so if Derwin ever find My NF page then it's on like popcorn, I'm just gone have to stand up for Myself cause shoot, he too far away & MY BIG BLACK COOCHIE be "STEAMIN HOTTT"

And to whoever been opening they BIG MOUTH, SHUT THE FUCK UP (ya SNITCH MUTHAFUCKA) this here is between these here white mens & "ME!" so see yo DUMB-ASS way "OUT!" (sissy-bitch muthafucka) OooWee I'm sooo PISSED My BIG BLACK COOCHIE done gone Water Slide WET!!! Shit "CALL ME NOW" cause Imma take it out on yo white-ass!

HEY there boo, ooo im soo glad you CALLED me so we can talk about thangs i like to do! knowin im a FREAKY BIG BLACK BITCH should give you a clue but ummm anywho, let's just kick it @ my place & some of my partners (big black dudes) gon roll through, we gon play cards n drink beers, smoke a lil somthin, have FUN chillin then take it from know (naughty grin)


b>MY 55 inch FAT DONKY ASS

in they face!

They like to "SMELL SNIFF & SERVE IT"

What are you hiding from? Come can tell KE L0L0. Did you cheat on your wife and somehow enjoy the feeling that she doesn't know? Did you fuck your bestfriends girl but he doesn't know? Are you sucking cocks? WHATEVER it is...CALL KE L0L0...I'll might keep your nasty ass secrets or I might blackmail your ass but you gone tell BIG GIRL BERTHA. I won't tell (long as you keep payin MY BIG ASS) LOOK you muthafucka I ain't gone keep explainin this shit no mo...LOAD that credit card and get yo ass on this phone and CALL ME NOW! Plus I'm gone USE you ass too!