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Mistress Ursula

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered! Hypnotrance!!

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No one knows nor needs to understand

The way you feel when under my command

Let yourself go and free your soul

Your Mistress' intentions are to make you whole

My voice alone will pull at your heartstrings

My eyes, so hypnotic, bespeak of erotic things

That shall make you come only to me

The call of your Siren will not let you be

I've been a sexy, beguiling and controlling elusive beauty for a very long time now. I learned quickly how to use men, control them, toy with them and loved every moment of it. Utilizing all that was bestowed upon me ~ beautiful blonde hair, intense blue eyes and a fabulous curvaceous body to rock. Hypnotically using my voice ~ I love enabling you to become so weak and so helpless to my charms, you become quiescent ~ you start feeling vulnerable..gently being pulled away from your worries... a deep need to please & intrigue me with information. Willing to obey and do anything I want. You want it deviant, erotic, kinky and perverse perhaps. I somehow have you relinquishing all self control ever so sweetly ... making you lose your senses ...time seems to be slipping away from if you were in a dream...or your most erotic nightmare...

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I've gotten into you, under you, above you. You see my curvaceous body beckoning to you....Weaving my magic & making you submit to my intimate love spells, my mesmerizing voice taking you further & further away from no longer can make choices...there is only sweet surrender & submission. I offer far from the banal when it comes to fetishes. It's time for you to explore your fetish to the fullest without fear. You need Loving Female Authority (LFA) ~ you need me, my voice, my authority or ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. I am NOT a licensed hypnotist....this is a hypnotic trance like conversation that will pull you in, hard!

FETISHISTS ~ Cuckolds ~ Feminization ~ Humiliation ~ Mind & Cock Control ~ so much more! Turn yourself over to me, now. Give in to my eyes....give in to the trance...let the triggers take you away. I do calls from Noon to Midnight PST. FIRST time hypno calls are best done before 10 pm. DO not expect a slam dunk approach to hypnotrance. This is a cerebral and in depth experience that takes time to build rapport and find out what you are seeking. I take this seriously, enjoy what I do. So kindly follow the hours for best service.

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