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Sultry, Wicked: Doctor, Abductress, Experimentress

British Storytelling of Abduction
Faith Toys with Her Boys    A pretty, British woman, a few drinks, and then... well, then you wouldn't be able to quite put your finger on what happened, exactly.
   Imagine waking in a strange room -- realizing, hours too late, there was no escape. No way to extricate yourself from the bonds securing you, no way out of the room, no way around my agenda.
   Do you fancy someone changing you?
   Medical experimentations to achieve frightful ends?
   Or... perhaps your fantasies might lie with serving a specific function for a woman -- a trained whore for her, or automaton servant. Your wallet, your identity, that whole little routine you called a life -- gone, gone, gone. It evaporated the moment you closed your eyes.
   What purpose will your existence serve now? What person will you be, when you step off of the slab?
   Prepare for vivid stories deftly painted onto the canvas of your mind -- from tame to temerarious -- as you lie, helpless to prevent your new world from unfolding.
Possibilities for Roleplay Scenarios:
  • Fantasies Beginning with a "kidnap"
  • Abduction, or Abducted by a Stranger
    (hmm... or perhaps someone you trusted)
  • Being Shanghaied
  • Interaction with a Wicked,
    Twisted Woman
  • Prostitute-like Duties
  • Mental "Programming" or Reconditioning
  • Displayed on Auction
  • Being a Mad Scientist's Subject
  • Orchastrated Amnesia
    (blanks filled with lies)
  • Medical Experiments
  • Psychological Torment
Wicked Ends for Wicked Men
Sordid, Molded, Whore.. eh.. -ed
Do bear in mind: These are fantasies of you being kidnapped and manipulated.
No serious, real life plots discussed.

If you have any questions, or are unsure if a fantasy would suit me,
just send me an email. I would be delighted to discuss it.

Abduction, Sissification & Afrocentric

The prelude of a fantasy centering
around being abducted, made into
a whore and being delivered
to group of Black men.
Approx. 12 megs (mp3)


Facial Transformation

You awake in a laboratory, to
find you've been surgically
altered to uniquely pleasure
women. Focus Forced Cunnilingus
(you on a woman), some Financial
Servitude and Medical Play
17 min 50 sec (mp3)


The Milking Chamber

In a futuristic, matriarchal
society, you have been selected
to provide sperm for the
Breeding Production program's
studies. Hope the machine isn't
too uncomfortable...
9 min 08 sec (mp3)



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