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Sammy Girl Will Be Your Friend

Hi and thanks for clicking on my page.

After reading this you may think I'm a stuck-up bitch, which may be true, but I see it more as confidence. Yes, I've grown up with a silver spoon you could say, so I may be bratty but this old guy who is paying me to help me set up this site (yes he's paying me!) says that girls like me were meant to be spoiled and worshiped by 90% of the men out there. I get these pervy comments all the time, but then again, it's nice to have guys falling all over themselves to do me favors. (And no, the old guy is not my boyfriend. Eeeuuu. He's in his 30s and just takes me shopping and does some of my papers for me.)

Anyway, I intend to use this site to maintain my silver spoon upbringing during college and maybe even find someone else to do my homework or help me study for exams. My expenses are tuition, sorority dues (bye bye dorm room!), clothes, shoes, spring breaks, sorority dues, more clothes and shoes, macbook, alcohol, itunes music store addiction, more traveling, more clothes, and building my savings too! Yah, I'm a spoiled brat. lmao

But hey, I guarantee you'll have a lot of fun talking to me through email or phone or maybe IM and hearing about my school life and all the things boys do to try to impress me. Guys seem to be like hooked junkies when they meet me so I'm sure there will be some takers out there to cover my expenses... maybe even you? You can actually do a lot without me having to talk to you and can start by clicking this button for me!

It's an awesome setup with sexy pics. Wanna be my new helper and keep my silver spoon nice and polished? Of course you do! Thanks hun.

If I'm home doing homework you can call if you're willing to deal with that or maybe you can help me. It's usually algebra. 8)

Update! When you're feeling down, like you shouldn't be investing so much of your future on my now, give yourself a nice verbal spanking. my bankerboy looks in the mirror and tells himself: "You fucking moron. Do you have any idea what kind of fire you were playing with? There is absolutely no way you could have even resisted such a powerful person. You knew it all along but were scared and that's why you responded with such silly, fearful replies to Samantha's notes. You are a bubbling waste of life that has no right to even exist. If you only knew. You are the lowest of the low and deserve your place at the bottom of the universe's collective psyche. Stay there. don't come back. No one wants to ever hear from you again." aww, so cute. and then he regurgitates his emotions all over my overpriced emails even more obsessively than before just like the good freaky bankerboy he is.