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Humiliated, Beat or Broken...You Weak Lowly Dog!!

Years of grueling physical, mental and emotional training as a ballet dancer have taught Me that a lifetime of throbbing pain and servitude can pay off big. That is if you're a stunning and intellectual ballerina like myself and not a brainless fool of a wretched jerk off loser like you. Even baby ballerinas know Me as the biggest, cruelest Bitch ballet instructor that has ever existed. Little ballerinas also know that being trained by Me is a privilege and an honor. Young women fly from all over the world for the chance of training in My ballet studio, just like you stupid idiots call from all over the globe for the chance at being humiliated, broken, beaten and eventually trained to become My slave.

Your puny little cock belongs to Me losers. Have you ever seen those twisted pictures of ballerina toes after a long career of dance torture? Yeah, that's how your cock is going to look when I am through with it. I will own you from the moment you call Me. You're just a weak lowly dog to me!

I am a beautiful saint, a lovely erotic Latina diva and you are a big fat idiot!!! I've heard it all before from my ballerinas, "No, no, Mademoiselle…Our feet are bleeding…please let us rest!". Much like the sissy little girls in tutu's and leotards, you will also learn to fear me. You will do anything to please Me and gain favor and it is through your suffering that you will earn the pleasure to serve Me.

Perhaps I'll have you tie a rope around your cock and balls and giggle with my cousins and friends as you scream in agony, or maybe I'll just ignore you while I fuck my beautiful girlfriend. Haha, loser, your pathetic stinking breath traveling across the phone lines will be the closest you'll ever get to my perfect Goddess body. Not to worry though-I will control your mind and pervade your every thought without any effort at all.

Call me now to become intoxicated on MY torture. I love to put losers like you through pain and agony.

If I am unavailable,you can arrange a call with Me or Click here to call my cousin Mistress Dita instead