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"Meet a sincere, attractive, "girly" girl-type super fat natural blond who wants to gain as much as her body will allow- loves being fat and getting fatter. Obsessed with eating fattening foods and wants to share your fantasies and desires, real life gaining experiences and issues it creates, plus be a friend to you and mutual supporter.
About Me:

I am a 29 year old single super fat women! I am a gainer and want to be as fat as possible, I am willing to talk about anything that maybe on your mind! Everything from you just need a supersexy fat friend right now, up to discussing your desires to be fat or to have a person in your life that you can openly discuss your fantasies, your desires and your dreams surrounding having someone super fat or have you ever dreamt about having a women in your life that you can feed and feed? Do you like the idea of having someone you can openly talk about food or stuff like that?

Do you LOVE Fat girls getting FATTER? Stuffing their BELLIES to the MAXIUM! Trying to tip the scales till they BREAK!

If you answered YES! Then I am for you! Set up a time to talk or call me now!

Call Now and encourage me to as much as I can gain! I LOVE Double Cheeseburgers and Fries, Pizza, cheesecake and ice cream!, and anything FATTENING! I wanna pop my buttons and bust my seams..... Join me as I continue my gain to 800 lbs and more! Encourage me, weigh in with me, measure me, Feed Me... Make me your Fantasy FAT GIRL!!

I am waiting and can't wait to talk to you!

Much Love,


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