Phone Sex

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Have you ever actually thought of how beautiful BDSM is? I am not talking about the fetish outfit here, which of course can be fantastically beautiful in its own rights, but I am talking about the general beauty of two minds and two bodies being in absolute unison.

Isn't that the most amazing thing? There are an infinite amount of fetishes and desires out there, so the chance of two people with the same or very similar desires and fetishes meeting is so very low, but yet when it happens... wow what an explosion.

Did you ever experience that? Meeting the perfect Dom, or the perfect sub? Not because these people are superhuman, but simply because they are the perfect match to you?

If you have then you know exactly what I am talking about, don't you? The perfect beauty... the perfect harmony of two bodies and two souls exploding in the most powerful orgasm that sends ripples through the universe xxx

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You'll get on your knees and service me when I tell you'll beg me for release...beg to jerk that worthless cock off and cum for me...and I just might let you cum...but you'll never know if you don't call...

Pick up that phone right now dammit...What are you waiting for? Your mistress is waiting for you to you really want to keep her waiting? You are in enough trouble already.

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