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What kind of cross-dresser are you?

Are you a male-born lesbian, captivated by the feminine mystique and eager to be enveloped by it both inside and out?

A Momma's boy who couldn't resist slipping on her black lace thong and a string of her pearls while she was out shopping?

An emasculated beta-boy who understood early on that he could never compete with the Alpha males of the world, and so abandoned hope of ever becoming a man?

A panty-sniffing wanker who longs to be caught in the act and humiliated, mocked, and degraded for his compulsion?

A submissive slut who would like nothing better than to be dressed up in a stuffed bra, a tiny denim skirt, a pair of fishnet stockings, and patent-leather fuck-me pumps, and taken out to a cowboy bar to be ogled and molested by strangers?

A bisexual girlie-boi who craves cock and wants nothing more than to get made up like a high-priced call-girl and pegged by a dominant couple?

Or maybe just an average guy who happens to love the feeling of panty hose rubbing against his crotch?

Whether you're looking for:

- an open-minded girlfriend who wants to take you shopping and molest you in the dressing room
- a nurturing Domme who wants to see her little princess all decked out in silk and lace
- a commanding Mistress who will "force" you to dress up like the submissive slut you always knew you were
- a shocked wife who catches you in the act, pulls down your nylons and spanks your bottom scarlett
- a cruel and twisted teenager who emasculates you at a mall and then mocks, humiliates, and degrades you while her friends watch and laugh
- an overpoweringly beautiful girlfriend who cuckolds you constantly and wants you to be her fluffer
- Or anything I've missed...

...I am your girl!

All it takes is honesty.

I want to hear everything:
When you started cross-dressing
Why you started cross-dressing
How it makes you feel
Your hottest fantasies
Your deepest fears

Open yourself to the doctor
and find satisfaction
at last!

. I will take almost
. any picture in any
. pose wearing any outfit
. for your eyes only

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