Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Well Hello, Do you have a fascination with Hypnosis? Did you watch a late night movie or go to a show and realize that you wanted to be hypnotized. To go deeply under, arms and legs so heavy you can't lift them...Or perhaps feeling your body drifting and floating ever so lightly and gloriously in mid-air?

For Me, hypnosis is an art that I have been fascinated with for over two decades. I first began by visiting an amazing woman called Wanita Holmes for Past Life Regressions. After we had done a half dozen or so, I began to see her for restful hours of hypnosis that were intellectually stimulating.

As the same time, I began to realize that as a Real Life Mistress, I was already utilizing hypnotic phrasing and metaphors in over half of My sessions. As I began to recognize the power of My words in addition to My dungeon tools, I began enjoying subtly putting my slaves under as I tied them up, tortured and whipped.

About 15 years ago I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist and began seeing clients for all the traditional things: weight loss, stop smoking, procrastination, self esteem, insomnia...You know, like that.

Once I was able to hypnotize an entire ROOMFUL of people at the same time, My record is 27 and it was AWESOME...I began to want to play with mind's in a more INTIMATE kind of way.

Which brings Me to Niteflirt. On Niteflirt, we can utilize hypnosis to work on whatever we want. OF COURSE, I can help you lose weight, stop smoking, etc. (ask and it will be arranged)...but even more to the point, I can help you have deeply intense hypnotic interludes with Me.

What is it you fearfully desire the most?? To become a true Hypno Slave? To open the center of your mind to My Voice, My Will, deep, deep inside of you...

Do you dream of serving Me in the dungeon of your mind??

Call, Let's Talk,

Mistress Stephanie Locke