Phone Sex

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Golden Secret Mistress

The Uniquely Exquisite Undeniably Hot Mistress K.

Consider yourself warned before you place this call. I will twist you around my perfect fingers and soon all your cash will be mine. I am impossible to resist. Bright, articulate, kinky, perverted, and confident.

Dominant Goddess of your dreams. I am your wettest dream & your worst nightmare, all rolled into one. Have you been longing for something meaningful, in your life? Have you been waiting for a higher purpose, to grab hold? Well, you have found it. I am a Goddess among women, a woman of many talents. I can turn you into my addicted little pet in just one phone call. I'll turn you into a blubbering bitch, before you know what happened. Financial Dominatrix, ready to milk you dry. I'll take and take, and you'll be so hard, for ever second. Homewrecker, ready to ruin that marriage, and rub it in your face how much hotter than your wife I am. Mind Fuck extraordinaire, ready to make you question your purpose and reprogram your brain to worship me, and only me. I'll make you say my prayers. I'll force you to give offerings. Get ready, you have started your new life.

I'm a trashy sweet Goddess. My intimate lifestyle means that I'll enjoy crepes Jamaica, club fare in Toronto, and beer in New Orleans while you stroke and pay. Stroke and Pay: I travel everywhere I please and you foot the bill, or maybe we should be honest here – you dick the bill. You'll support My lifestyle by buying My goodies, long phone worship sessions (even when I set the phone down and forget about you), buying Me gifts. you'll do these things because:

1. you’re not man enough to fuck me;

2. you can’t help but get weak for me;

3.I'm fulfilling my dreams while you need me as an active participant in yours which means, you pay;

4. you're helpless, unable to resist My charm, beauty and fiery intellect. I've been a FemDom outrage since I turned 18. My kinky friends through Me a "Kin's Finally Legal" party and I've been melting men into quivering little piles of flesh ever since. I dominate in a sweet, velvet voice that melts while the other girls yell and scream. I simply don't have to raise my voice to get whatever I desire because you are that eager to grant my every whim, wish, or desire.

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