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Golden Secret Mistress

Be Amazed, Be Seduced, Be Used, Be Dismissed

This is Mistress Kin, your new Japanese-African Mistress and Owner. I am a rare flower you will have to earn to serve. Kin is a traditional Japanese name for gold or golden woman. And I am a rare flower. This golden woman you will worship, obey, and serve. It is time you walked on the wild side with Golden Woman Mistress Kin.
Hot brat domme/home wrecker/cuckoldress/sissy training/chastity training and humiliatrix for you sad little internet puppets to adore/support/endure. This is my official niteflirt hotline. I know how HARD it is wearing your big fake man costume all day long to work when deep down inside you can't WAIT to get home to call me and have me make all your life's decisions. I am all powerful in a small package! I love to humiliate and control men. I have quite a sissy harem following as I love to dress up and tease little sluts, and I even put some in chastity. I love hearing from my bitches daily!
You will fund my glamorous lifestyle while you struggle to pay your own bills. I know I'm Superior in every way. I am every man's unattainable fantasy, every slut's mindnight wet dream. I will creep into your soul and haunt your mind. My beauty and superior mind will leave you obsessed and begging for more. I am young, gorgeous. evil, perverted, talented, sadistic, sexy, intelligent....the entire package, 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. You, are a nobody. I am a temple to the perfection I am. I' make you weak. I' mind fuck you, I destroy your straight-laced connections and I will be your new compulsion, your last obsession.

I deserve your cash and devotion simply for existing. Give in to a higher power. You love spoiling me. TALENTS: brainwashing and slave disciplinary training. You need to call ME. Aren't you curious? Hahaha, curiosity will cost you even more, dear. Do the right thing. Place your money at my perfectly polished feet. You know I deserve it more than your ugly wife. You'd rather jerk off to my toes than sleep with her. Did I mention I am HOT??? Did I mention you are fucked even for reading this far???
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