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Why do I love intoxicated or drunk men? Because they're easy to manipulate and totally fun to use as My own personal toys. Blabbering fools are already inclined to let their addictions control them as well as their altered states of mind. they'll have little (if any) sensibility, which makes them even more generous and compulsive. Take another sip, hit, shot? What's your poison, masturbator?!

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I have piercing green cat eyes that could quite possibly eat your soul. Sparkly white teeth. pretty little young face, hour glass figure for your drunken ass to drool over.

I DO NOT get nude on cam.
I may tease if I please, but that's as far as it goes concerning My clothes.

DRINK UP! you're here for MY amusement. If you want web cam with phone, I currently only have YAHOO. Make sure you have it before calling. Unless, you want to try typing it in while intoxicated. lmfao

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Watch me laugh and giggle as I wiggle My way into your mind. you open up the more intoxicated you become. The weaker you become until I'm the Puppet Mistress and you're just My itty bitty puppet. WANK ALL YOUR MONEY AWAY! Sure, I'll take more than your money! I enjoy playing with pets like you. Yes, you, intox-freak. Oh, and take the phone with you when you run to the bathroom!

Remember, Brynn entertains many forced intox/domination fantasies and role-plays. Even if you just have a great story to tell. I love hearing drunkards talk. If it's the right type of situation, I'll give it a post on My own personal page.

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