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Girls Like Me Ignore Guys Like You -PTV Fun Inside

There's only room for one Princess in this town... and that's ME!

I'm a 20 year old California girl, and I have the world at my fingertips. Girls like me have it made. I'm used to always getting my way, and getting everything I want. I've been spoiled all my life, and I've come to expect it from everyone. Even you. Don't get me wrong. I'm not much of a bitchy girl. I'm actually rather sweet, but I do have expectations about what I want and what I'll get from a man.

You're Just Not Good Enough For Me

You're the kind of guy who I'd roll my eyes at and then walk away from. I'd tell my friends about the weird guy who approached me, and laugh at you with them. Did you really expect a girl like me to talk to you? I don't think so! I'm too pretty, and way too selective to talk to someone like you. You just don't cut it!

So go ahead and call me to say hi. I'll say hi so you'll know I'm on the line, then put the phone down and leave you in complete ignored silence. Well, it won't be complete silence. You might hear my beautifully manicured fingers texting my friends, or you might hear me on my cell phone talking to a REAL man. Either way, I won't be doing anything with you other than taking your money!

Call Button

You'll need something to do while you're just sitting there being ignored. Entertain yourself with some PPV games! Get started here with the very excellent knock knock joke I made up myself, then continue playing here. It's a great way to keep you occupied while I'm busy ignoring you, and another way for me to extract more money from you. A girl's gotta get some satisfaction from a guy, ya know? And the only thing in your pants that could satisfy me is what's in your wallet.