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The economy won't be your only financial crisis

Hello slaves, douchebags and general fucking losers. I am Goddess, and that is how you should address me if you'd like to keep your balls in tact.

I've been on a very long absence from NF, but I am back and in full force, ready to take you on a trip straight to financial ruin. I've recorded a video with some words about this for y'all to hang on as I know you've been craving them. You can buy it below.

As for those of you that are new and still looking for the ultimate happiness in slavery, let me explain to you a little about myself.

I am soon to be 24 years old and have been financially dominating retards like you for nearly 6 years now, so I have plenty of experience. This also means that I have experience sniffing out bullshit, which I do not tolerate, so you can take any and all bullshit elsewhere. I don't have the time or the patience for ingrates that do not know what financial slavery entails, and how to properly serve and worship a true Goddess.

My interests include shopping, traveling, and laughing (usually at dumbasses like you, yes), and you'll be providing the material for which I can do all of these things. With any luck, I'll post pictures, videos or other little glimpses for you to drool over of me doing them onto my blog, which you can purchase a link to below.

I will take you on a trip to financial ruin that you will never forget for as long as you live. You'll think back on it and shudder, yet somehow crave more.

My Blog - $5

Yahoo ID -$5

Wishlist - $5

Do you like to play games? Maybe you're curious about me but too fucking scared to contact me directly. Or maybe you're just craving more of me. Either way, this game should be lots of fun for you. Below, there are 5 identical buttons. One of the buttons contains a link to a video of yours truly asking a very important question that I want you to answer immediately after you've watched it via mail or phone. Be careful, though, because you will pay whether you pick the right button or not! Have fun, douchebags!