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Jill downs

Lonely Super Kinky wife home alone, come over~~~

I'm married, have been for a while, and while it was fun and hot with him for a while, he now is growing old and boring and makes excuses to not get Viagra, but I know that has nothign to do with me, and everything to do with his own issues.
Fortunately for me, my addiction in life is orgasming, and while my old man might have let his other activities ruin what we had in the bedroom, I wont let him ruin my fun with other men who come in and remind him of how much he's fallen.
Its funny how after a man visits me, that the shell of what was easiest labeled the best lay of my life, tries so hard to "reclaim his territory" through obtaining sloppy seconds, doing everything he can to make me moan deeper...
He is so boring and has started to disappoint himself so much, hes tried to bring me down, when he does I take off and have some fun without him watching, super naughty and dirty...

After all I am truly a lonely kinky fucking wife, in need of a kinky fuck since all I have is half a shell of what was a man sitting around making himself seem invisible until he wants to complain for hours about whatever it is that day...

Plus if hes watching he would throw such a fit about me letting you cum in me, claiming thats only his pleasure and his alone, but I have rule that if you don't fill it at least once a week, I'll have someone else do it

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