Phone Sex

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Drop to your knees slave. It's time you paid attention to my shoes, and maybe my beautiful feet if you're lucky.

I have such a wonderful collection of shoes thanks to all the losers who whip out their credit cards when I'm in a store - I can hardly buy a pair for myself!

Sometimes I'm in my office, in an expensive pair of flashy black or brown leather dress shoes. At the end of the day, I always need them examined, cleaned, worshipped, and polished before I let my stroke-slave leave for the day. I usually spend the time scolding him, or maybe calling my girlfriend, telling her I'll be home soon. But it may be a long time after all, my slave never gets to leave until I'm satisfied. That's not gum on the beautiful sole is it?

At the health club I've noticed those weak gay men staring at my feet as I run, my feet so warm in my trendy athletic sneakers. Once I caught one touching them while I was in the shower. I made him stick his face right into it and breathe deeply while I chewed him out for being such a bitch. Now he meets me when it's time for my workout, carrying a fresh towel for me, and anything else I require.

Sometimes I do work in the yard, and have to tramp around in the mud outside in a sturdy pair of work-boots. I've noticed my neighbor staring at me while I work for too long now...he's got to pay. I think I'm going to lead him into my house by the ear and make him lick the fucking mud off of them for me.

Oh...and don't even get me started on luxurious socks,not to mention my beautiful, perfectly attended to and manicured bare feet! It isn't even possible that you're worthy enough to even touch them, much less lick my sole and suck on my pretty toes like I *know* you want to faggot. Maybe if you're a good little slave for me, I'll let day...ahahaha.

Don't worry stroker...I've sent you a little kit in the mail. It's the one that says "FOOT-SLUT SHOEBOY'S WORSHIP KIT" on it. Now get it and bring it right over to my house. You know *exactly* what you need to do.

My shoes aren't so nice when they're kicking your ass so you had better call me now.

Addictive Colin

Leave me a note and get introduced if I'm offline. I'm waiting to hear from you.

NEW - Slave Application:Admit everything to me be considered as a slave. Such a humiliating task. This is only the beginning. When I receive the application I will already have so much power. Resign yourself to your fate. Show me what a good little faggot you need to be for me!

Still sniffing around loser? Why don't you make yourself useful and hand over some of your hard-earned money. There's nothing I like more than getting slave-wallets open to please me. Let's get acquainted the right way you pathetic stroker. It's a sliding scale of addiction, so just give in and get tested and owned.

Send me mail at any time you faggot and tell me what a little toy like you is looking for. You will find the response literate, forceful, and hot, and I just know you'll be compelled to call. I take my fantasies seriously.