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Mistress Pinky Galore

Addict Control For Weak Minds & Perverted Men

You're hopeless, pathetic, and hooked.
I know what you need: you need help...
The kind for which you'll pay dearly.
I can fix you.

Answer this: Are you attracted to high risk behavior? Yes? or No?

I'm going to steer you wrong, push your buttons, and coax you to the edge of reason!
I will poison your mind and use your weaknesses against you.
It's easy for me to enable your addictions.
Like any good dealer, I give out FREE samples!

Do you have a confession or a problem? Pinky Galore is the answer!
Your secrets are safe with me, let them spill out and leak all over.

I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, but trust me, I know what's best for you.
Call to receive erotic salvation, perverse advice, bad habit enabling, forced confusion,
guilt trips & negative affirmations, anxiety, panic attacks, brain draining,
anxiety relief, mood elevation, compulsive repetitive thoughts, and OCD triggering!
Before you realize it, it's too late! You're caught in my Pink Man Trap!

Consider my fetish content to be sexual supplements
for your mental health. Ingest accordingly.
Using you turns me on!

My poison ideas and tempting triggers get under your skin and make you squirm!
Inhale my Arsenic Aphrodisiac: Bittersweet Kiss

Chronic masturbation addicts NEED to try Miss Pinky Galore's
Drone Stroke Encouragement Therapy
Jerk off junkies LOVE to PAY per STROKE!
Jerking too much? Too soon? Rubbing yourself raw?
Then you NEED to visit my Chronic Masturbation Control Reprogramming Center!
I'll scratch your mind till the boner marrow oozes from your brain.

Admit it, you love my corruption!

Call me for perverted counsel and maliciously erotic opinions.
You'll feel much SO MUCH better after talking with me!
Make a good 1st impression! Click below for a "How To" guide:

Sip my poisonous potions and tempting tonics.
Inhale my ambiance, ease your way into my wonderland with one of my:

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Don't be afraid, I love to mock you, and your little dick, too!
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I'm lovingly cruel and sadistically inclined.
Begin treatment in my Brain Drain Lab NOW!

Pop Pills & Fill Prescriptions

Click to activate
your stupid personal problems & obsessive compulsive disorders!
Stay sick, stay weak! Get high off of feeling low.

Access ALL of my Negative Affirmation fetish content.
Negative Affirmation Timewaster Training: This clip will warp you!

"Forced Confusion" is MY personal style of brainwashing & mind control: Click to learn more...

I use layered audio/visual tracks and other techniques designed to keep you dependent and dumb.
I'm a mindfucking minx, but I do NOT do traditional hypnosis sessions.

Uh oh, are you crashing? You just need a boost & a bump!
My Positive Affirmations will lift your spirits!

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