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Mistress Andria


Miss Andria - online, distance and phone training

FACT: Pathetic tiny cock= no pussy/no woman/no sex life. I am a all knowing tiny cocklets worst nightmare. Why you ask? Just look at me. Woman like me DO NOT pay attention to creeps with tiny peeps. I love telling you exactly what all woman think of boys who got the short end of the stick. I know how tiny pee pee boys feel. having such a small pathetic pickle dick makes you also feel very small inside. Once you get it through your head that all woman KNOW about your secret and how you feel, it just adds to the overwhelming feeling of how useless and pathetic that you really are.

I am here to have a open and frank discussion of how woman deal with pathetic tic tac sized little cocked ones like yourself. I am also here to answer all your questions about size, large cocked men, your future in having a REAL sex life and alternatives you can seek out once I lay it down on the line. I am not reading from a script or working in some call center. I am a real lifestyle domme who thinks small cocked loser boys all have the same *small* problem....cannot wait to tell you about it!

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