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I am a sissy EXPERT. I know exactly how your little satin and lace trimmed mind works. I know that the compulsion to dress up is overwhelming and even if you resist for awhile, you'll eventually give in to the desire. Even if you throw away your sissy gear, you'll replace it. There's just no replacement for the feeling you get when you're all dressed up, is there?

So stop trying to deny your feminine nature...that part of you that sighs when you see pink panties or a new makeup collection at Nordstrom's. Stop the endless cycle of purchase and purge and just give in! Let me guide you and turn you into the sissy you were always meant to be.

If you're new to this lifestyle, that's fine. We'll slowly transform you from the "man" that you are into a soft, sexy lisping female. What should your new name be? That's the first step!

Or maybe you're already experienced and you know exactly what you like to do when you're all dolled up? Do you want to just live life like a woman, suck cock, get whored out, worship and serve me and my friends? Do you want to spend a day shopping with me, exploring all the things you never got to before? I wonder what bra size you wear...

I bet you've been hiding this from everyone you know. Your wife, your friends, your need to hide it anymore. You can talk to me about all the things you can't talk to them about.

I have a lot of sissies serving me in real life. Some serve as maids, some as special party servants, others as little whores who generate me a steady stream of cash. Do you want me to whore you out? First you have to prove that you're talented!

I bet you have a teeny, tiny cock, don't you? Keep that thing tucked away. I really don't want to see or hear about it. If you're lucky (and generous) though, I'll let you make a mess in your panties. Do you feel lucky today?

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