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I'm the girl you can never have.

I was born to control wimps like you. You're home alone, sitting in front of you computer, just wishing that you could have a chance with me. Why do I tease and torture and rule your pathetic little life? Because I can. Because it amuses me.

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, right? Inside this adorable, freckle faced package is the diabolical mind of a woman driven to have the best of everything. I was meant for a posh, high society lifestyle and thanks to losers like you, I have it.

I'm no dumb IQ is 135 and I delight in doing the unexpected, taking the path less traveled. I will challenge, frustrate, annoy, enflame, bewitch and ultimately destroy you. The bitch of it is that you'll love every second of it and when you've managed to scrape yourself back together, you'll come crawling back for more.

What will I talk about with you? So many things...feminization, blackmail, humiliation (especially public!), cuckolding, small penis humiliation, cum eating, masturbation control, chastity, forced cock sucking.

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Dealing with me will be different than most other women on here. Why? Because even with your limited intellect, you will be able to sense that I'm not just some housewife pretending to be a Princess. I'm not just a struggling college student paying her way through school by flashing some leather on cam. This is my life and I don't pander to the audience. I won't say what I know you want me to say, I'll say whatever the fuck I want to. If you bore me, I'll hang up. If you piss me off, I'll block you. And I won't look back.

Blackmail is my FAVORITE past time. I don't do cookie cutter blackmail. Every situation is different. If you've fantasized about it before though, now's the time to do it and I'm the one to do it with. It'll be the wildest ride of your life.

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