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Please let me please you, Master

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I am an experienced, versatile submissive switch. I will follow your lead and respond to your energy, and together we can create a mind-blowing encounter!


It is the mental, rather than the physical aspects of BDSM that turn me on most. I love to be seduced and exploited, to be made to feel that I *must* do whatever it takes to please You.

To me, there is nothing more romantic than being collared and controlled by a worthy Master or Mistress. Make me Your prized possession: tamed, leashed, shown off, and even loaned out to your friends. I will be your precious princess, a devoted worshiper who does everything you ask, not out of fear, but out of pure adoration.

Dress me up in next to nothing with a sign around my neck that says, "Cop a feel," and take me out on a leash for strangers to gape at and to grope.

MAKE ME YOURS. Trick me, seduce me, even take me by force. I love the idea that I am so unbearably sexy that you can't help yourself, that you must have me at any cost...


I am not a masochist/pain slut. Although I enjoy the intensity of a certain degree of incidental pain, I don't especially enjoy getting hurt.

I don't get off on humiliation or insults. Though I do dig some sexualized degradation (i.e. You making me into a collection of holes for Your use), I'm frankly too smart and accomplished to buy into insinuations that I might be genuinely stupid, useless, or inferior.

A little more about me: I am a professor at a prestigious liberal arts college, a bisexual dynamo who loves to please dominant men, women, and couples. I have a Ph.D. in Drama, and as such I am particularly adept at role play, and will be happy to bring your fantasies to life. And being an academic, of course I love it when you talk nerdy to me!

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