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Ignore means you do not exist. Im the person you see when you are out and are too much of a pathetic sissy faggot loser to even say hi. You sit in dark corner of the club, just hoping that I just might look in your direction, and for a brief second make the smallest glimpse of eye contact. Or might get up enough courage in that spineless, low-life, poor excuse for a human being body of yours, to buy a drink for me, and as the bartender puts the drink in front of me, I dont even look at it and walk away with all the of the people that are worthy of my time. There you sit heart-broken, and you still hope that I might notice you. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!! What can you expect when you call, nothing because thats you are to me-NOTHING!!!! Dont even think of talking to me or try to get my attention. What will you hear, whatever the hell I want you to hear, which very well may be nothing at all, in fact thats what you should expect. If you hear me leave, you better fucking stay on the phone until I get back no matter how long it is. If you think you will hear me do anything sexual, you are such a fucking stupid joke, there is no way in hell will you hear anything like that, that is only for special friends. How not to get blocked: Stay on for at least 5 minutes After call leave 5 stars and excellent review Leave a tip or tribute of at least $20 dollars or more and it better be more If you break any of these rules you will have 20 minutes to leave a tip of $50 dollars for forgivness, otherwise you are blocked. Want to get my attention, give me tips and tributes, especially before you call, the more you leave the closer I might get to even thinking about the possibility of thinking about saying Hi. Whats the magic dollar amount, I will know when you get there, all you need to worry about is clicking that tip button or sending a tribute. By now you should have summoned up some type of courage to press the call button, and if you follow all the rules, I wont regret it, but you might, and you know you will call again.