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Written by SaharahEve to prospective slaves.


(Copyrighted text.)


My mules give to Me out of love and devotion and an insatiable eagerness to please. The more exploited they are, the more they want to give, which in turn makes them more willing to do anything I want them to do. Not just any Woman posing with a whip can have this affect upon males, however, and this is something many of you poor creatures with sacks between your haunches find out the hard way, unfortunately. So, are you done playing? Do you want the real deal? Do you truly wish to become a slave to a superior Woman who has until now only haunted your pathetically simple males dreams? Do you wish to hear the dark trickle of Her laughter at your expense? Do you want to be humiliated by Her and taken for Granted, Her appetite for luxury and material gain growing more and more, becoming an overwhelming impetus for you to give more and more? Such a beautiful state of slavery cannot be reached by a shallow mind with a pretty face. It takes authentic desire and understanding to know how to fully exploit a male. Give to Me, become My slave, truly. Stop wasting money on temporary highs; grow a spine and devote yourself to the pleasure of a Goddess on Earth who is real. Work. Tithe. Suffer. Work Harder. Make My Life richer and easier. Make your Queen Bee happier. This is only the start of where you may find your higher purpose in life as a subhuman male. Suffer enough for Me and I may find other uses for you yet. And lest there be any doubt, I am the real deal. This will be evident enough when speaking with Me - unlike others who, unfortunately, try to plagiarize My style and material.