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princess candy08


I Want Your Money. Come Play With Me.
You know you want to. Do you have the balls to pay and play, or are you a coward and afraid to loose it all. Do you want to be plastered all over my page as the Biggest Looser on Nite Flirt.
I will get to know you and what you like. You will become my, MY money slave. Depending on how much Money you Spend Determines whether or not I give you the privledge to Cum.
I will financially drain you and you will like it. I will dominate you and you will LOVE it You will give me everything and you will want to give me more. You will never tell me no. But remember YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CUM UNTIL YOU PAY A CUM TAX. AND ONLY IF I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO THAT.

If You Have The Balls to Play Then You have To Pay.

Cum Tax

Get off your LAZY ass and call me now.
If you don't play the game, I will set a higher cum-tax.
I will be your kept woman the one you have always wanted.
The one who can full fill your wildest dreams. The secret you keep from your wife, your girlfriend especially your friends and family.
I love sexy clothes, lots of toys, jewerly and fancy things.
All this your money will buy for ME.

1-800-863-5478 etx.02449801