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$$ Mistress Sky - Attorney At FUCKED $$

Lawyer by day, criminal by night. I make more money than you could ever imagine. In your wettest,most pathetic dreams. But that's just not good enough, because I want YOURS too. Watch the movie Jerry MaGuire and memorize this line - "Show me the money!". Because that's what you're going to do. If I find it in the deepest recesses of my almost non-existent heart I might allow you to be the judge in my courtroom for a day. But you're going to pay. I didn't waste all those years in law school to hear pathetic whining about not being able to afford my services. If you're looking for the rest, go ahead. Keep looking. But if you're looking for the best - you better call the bail bondsman and tell him to help you come up with the cash it'll cost. I'll be your judge, jury and executioner. And by the time I'm done, you'll want them to lock you up and throw away the key. The key to being a great attorney is getting our client off, no matter what the cost is. And for the right price - I guarantee to get you off. I don't do pro bono work. Or pro "boner" work, for that matter. If you want me to get you off, then get your puny cock out of your hand and reach for your wallet. If you don't have the cash, then I sentence you to lethal injection.