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Mistress Elizabeth76

You must feel the throb, ache and need

The best of the best...perfection personified. I am it. I have ruined so many men...yet they all continue to beg for more and more...just as you soon will

Games, games, many games to play and so many buttons to push...

Email me now. Email me and let it begin. Impress me, darling.

Forced Masturbation or Behavior Modification? An erotic hypnosis...taking you so far, so deep into my spell and into my control...your mind bending to whatever I wish it to be...

A pay as you go fantasy or a good old fashioned blackmail?

Humiliation tasks perhaps...devotion tests...

So Many Games...

You may email or you may matters little. I shall take you either way.

I can Email and destroy you through seduction and games...

So many wicked little games I love to play

...or you can be daring and voice will bring you to your knees in moments.

My very perfect body...$10

I am perfect. Literally and achingly perfect. I am true upper class...I simply love the power...the control...the ability to OWN another own so many...I want more and you are going to provide me with it you dear, dear little piggy you...

Or perhaps you'd rather see all of me wet $10

You WILL give me every damn thing I ask for. You do it for the same reason I never hold my own door open, never pull out a chair, pick up a tab or buy my own flowers and jewels. YOU do it because I deserve it. I don't want roses, they are common...give me orchids. I despise gold, it is used in trade...platinum only. The best of everything...simply what I am entiled to.

I know EXACTLY how to get it ALL. How to pick up on the smallest of to use them for my gain.

I can take you for Everything and have you BEGGING me to take MORE and WILL will do anything and everything to please.

Mind Games? Dearest, I can screw with your mind to a level of blissful and erotic ignorance such as you've never dared imagine....I will literally own you. Your mind, your body, your soul...each and every pore of your being will belong to ME.

I use my assets, darling. My body, my face, my mind. Life has given me rather expensive taste. The best that YOUR MONEY can buy.

With me you get an experience unlike any you have ever imagined on this site...I can torture you with precision. I am smart enough to pick up on every detail to use against you and am both charming and lovely enough to make you relish each moment. I am devious, scandelous, sensuous and will blow your mind. I shall treat you well...IF you take care of ME and IF you can manage to please ME. When pleased, I am the most charming and bewitching creature imaginable...I shall make you ache for me...long for me...plead and beg.


Me in bed...Stunning...$10

My Ass...flawless...$10

An additional set of my perfect ass...even better...$10

Yes, of course I enjoy and welcome tips, gifts and tributes. You will gift me.

Good $25 Better $50

Very Good Boy $100

Pay my expenses...

My Salon Visit for the Week $150

My Blackberry $165

THIS line...THIS place...THIS is where you find the real me...the woman that will ruin you...that you will love