Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

The combination of my wicked words and sensual body will make this intense experience all the more real to you. My honey-sweet, teasing voice will echo in your ear. You'll still see my eyes and my smile in the back of your mind: playful, flirtatious, and utterly in control of you.

July 28, 2010: Camming from my hotel in Las Vegas! Skype and Yahoo only tonight.

Cam Cap from July 28:

(Vintage black slip, red and black bra, silky red lipstick)

What to Expect from a Tease Cam Session:

I'll show you exactly what I want to show you, when I want to show it to you. This is about using my body, mind, and voice against you.

You might see more than you bargained for. Or you might see just enough of my face and body to know exactly who is denying you.

Cam Cap from December 7:

You'll beg for what you want to see, to be allowed to do. You'll see how much pleasure I derive from your discomfort.

Got a cam too? I like to watch... Cam to cam is an option for the exhibitionistic.

Outfit requests are fulfilled - or not - at my whim. Your odds go up if you ask nicely in advance (or generously on shorter notice). My fetish wardrobe leans toward femme accoutrements: satin, lingerie, and nylon.

I use Eyeball, Yahoo, MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Skype. Let me know your preference before the call so we don't waste time on technical details. Or, you can buy my chat IDs ($5) and get a short preview clip of my clear cam and sexy voice:

Cam Cap from March 03:

Unless my call button is live, my cam is generally available by appointment only. If you're curious, click on my call button and make one.

NEW! Cuckold Voice Mail mp3 - The long-awaited recording mentioned in my dominant girlfriend love letter. I left you a voicemail, letting you know I won’t be home tonight… and explaining our new arrangement. 5 minutes of sweet erotic humiliation. (high quality .MP3 file)

Oh - and in case you missed the original “love” letter:

Domme GFE Love Letter - A love letter, dominant girlfriend style. I sweetly explain why you’re a wimp, a failure as a man, can’t fuck me properly… and what I’m going to do about it.