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Serving As A Sissy Cuckold Cum Dump For My BFs Cum

It’s so redundant to remind you of your itty-bitty penis and your inability to sexually satisfy a woman. But I don’t want you to ever forget it. You are sexual irrelevance personified. I know, you try to put up a good front, but it’s not long before all of your inadequacies reveal themselves. As hard as you try to hide them, your inferiorities always shine through, exposing you for the beta-boy cuckold you really are.

The fact is, sexual incompetence, along with your totally worthless cock automatically put you in the cuckold category. As such, your place is to serve as nothing more than an object of humiliation for me and my boyfriend- who, by the way, is a real man in every sense of the word, with a cock that knows how to sexually satisfy a woman. He is totally superior to you in every way.

Stand before us and feel the sting of us laughing at your dripping, wet nub of cock. You love it when we make fun of your pathetic-ness, don’t you?? At my direction and demand, you will take an active role in our sex life, doing things like sucking his cock. You know he totally fucking deserves a blow job, don’t you?? If you’re real obedient, I might let you watch him fuck me. I might even allow you to clean my cum filled pussy afterwards, using your face as a mop rag for his cum!!

I have a special place in my heart for married beta boys. I find it a gross injustice that your wife has to repress her sex drive- and believe me, she has a strong sex drive even if it’s not revealed to you- because she made the mistake of marrying a sexual retard. You are incapable of sexually meeting her needs, so it’s only right that she takes on a lover- or two- who that can satisfy her sexual urges and desires. No longer should your wife bear the burden of your sexual shortcomings. Don’t you agree??



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