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Your Secret Is Safe With Korie

Teased by Chubby Ebony Caramel Sweet Bunny!

My Wish ListTaste my large fruit! I've always been a big girl. As a kid I got teased and taunted by the skinny girls who would call me Gargantuan. The name calling got more and more vile as I got into high school. I didn't date much and hated seeing all those nasty girls going out with the hot looking boys. I was so desperate for attention that one day I went next door and asked the star soccer player if he would let me blow him just for the experience. At first he laughed at me Then he realized I was serious. He said he would let me suck his dick if I swore not to tell anyone that it happened. I agreed and we got down to business. By the time I was done with him, he was practically in a sex induced coma and telling me I was the best he'd ever had. Within the week I had guys showing up at my door. After hearing about my talents, from the guy who wanted to swear me to secrecy, they all wanted a piece of my action. I started hearing stories about their skinny, teasing little girlfriends. Some wouldn't put out at all and some were so bad in bed it wasn't worth the guy's effort. After going out with the girls they weren't embarrassed to be seen with, they would show up begging for me to ease the ache in their balls. Word eventually got out to the girls in town that I was the "go to" girl for sex and instead of being pissed, they suddenly wanted to be my friend so I could teach them how to keep their boyfriends satisfied. Oddly enough, I became one of the most popular girls in school, with the girls as well as the guys. So, if you prefer your women with some meat on their bones, and plenty of experience, grab hold of my thick and juicy ass and fill me up. Watch my waves of undulating flesh move and wiggle as you jam your cock deep inside me. Let me hold your face between my ample tits while you knead my soft belly rolls. Big girls have big appetites, not only for food, but for sex as well. Just ask the guys from my small town. Can you feed my passions? Hi Guys! My name is Korie and I can't wait to find out yours! I have a feeling I will be moaning that name as I cum all over you. Yum! See, I'm not a bit shy about sex. As a matter of fact I have always been very comfortable with myself, my body and my large sexual appetite. I have many different interests in sex. The last couple of years as I have gotten a little older it seems that my sexual urges are growing bigger and bigger! I am not in a monogamous relationship for just that reason, I like to play around. I am a switch so I really enjoy being a dominant as well as submissive. Which part do you like to play? For those of you who are into feminization, call and I'll tell you how I got my last boyfriend to wear my panties, and how he started buying his own when he was out buying me panty presents as well (that was really alot of fun). I love Sissies, I love role-playing just about anything and have been told I am very creative. So, give me a little bit about your fantasy and I will run with it baby and have us both exploding in no time at all. Of course, don't think I have forgot about my boys into CBT, and Chastity, I hold a beautiful key right now actually. I also have quite the collection of toys from when I worked in a dungeon a few years back, so you strap-on boys give Hot BBW Korie a call, and then bend over bitch !! Lmao! LOL, I really think I am going to like it here! Give me a call and roll out the welcome mat for me baby! I’m the type of gal who enjoys taking chances and exploring new things. I’ve tired several different things sexually as well as traveled the world to discover the sex of other countries. I’ve always believed life was for living and I want to experience it all. My name is Korie, the gang bang slut. My friends can’t believe my stories or all the cocks I’ve sucked, fucked and stroked in my travels. I have tales from places I can’t even remember. I just know I got fucked sometimes for hours. Gangbanging is one of my favorite sexual activities to do. I love being with about seven to ten guys at a time. I’ll dance and strip, and tease them, giving lap dances around the room. I make them keep their hard cocks in their pants until I’m ready and wet. By then I’m naked and rolling around on the floor spreading my pussy lips wide open for all to see. And when I’m ready, we all get down on the floor. That’s when they all start begging which hole they want. I decide that, because I want one in my pussy, one in my mouth, two in my hands and the BIGGEST one in my tight little shit hole. You have to admit seven guys and me is a real party! I think the very best sex I ever had was one night, here in Houston, Texas, at a sex club. It was a private club and I had received a very special invite from an online friend. As soon as I entered the club my tit’s became the center of attention. I had hands and tongues pulling and licking at my huge tit’s. Soon my clothes were pulled off me and I found myself in the middle of a group of about fifteen people. My leg’s were stretched apart, my pussy lips were getting licked and bitten. My clit was just aching to be touched. My wet pussy was soon filled with a large black cock as well as my mouth. I had cum dripping out of all my holes by the end of the night. I’ve been back there several times since, but damn nothing has ever come close to that night. So you know if you call me Korie the gangbang slut, you’ll be in for the time of your life. Hurry, I just can’t wait to make you cum and cum again. I'm originally from the sultry South. I have a background in theater and creative writing. I also have a wealth of real-time experience in the art of seduction. I love men, I always have. I've loved a few women, too. I've always been extremely oral (yes, I have a hard time keeping delicious treats out of my mouth, lol). I could lick and suck a man for hours, from head to toe – and I mean just that – kissing your mouth, nibbling on your nipples, sucking your cock and balls, rimming your anus, and sucking your toes. I also enjoy the same delicious tongue treatment on all my hot spots. I was introduced to BDSM about ten years ago, first as a submissive and then emerging as a switch. But being a sensual Domme seems my natural role. I'm really more the stern matronly type. I particularly enjoy bitchy boss lady role-plays. I also love panty boys, cuckolding, spanking, strap-on play, talking about my bisexual escapades, sissification, among other sundry and perverted activities. I want to hear your vanilla fantasies to your extreme fetishes. I'm a no BS kinda gal.