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Mistress Elizabeth76

You WILL soak your little sissy panties..good girl

I am the mood to MAKE and TAKE a little slutty sissy. That's right, my darling slut...this will be the best fuck of your life.

You know you want to. I know exactly what little sluts like you want...You are dying to have me dress you up, clothing, hair, makeup, shoes, pantyhose, undies, can taste it, feel it. You're getting hard, ready, wet just thinking about it.

I am going to make those pretty little panties very wet, darling.

You want to arch that back and lift that ass in those whore-heels, don't you?

You want to feel the silk and lace tight around your balls from the panties I'll force you to prance around in.

You want to take that cock...on your knees...feeling the tip hit the back of your throat...begging me to take you...and I will take you. You will watch as I take you harder, deeper and more seductively yet forcefully all at once than you had ever dreamed possible.

If this is your first time or if you are a sissified panty wearing bitch that's been dressing up for years behind closed doors...I am your fantasy.

You're going to be my little slut. You're going to make me very, very happy before I let you cum all over your fancy new panties.

I'm going to take you and make you my mine...I may even brand you. I may blackmail you...send you assignments that you will my satisfaction, of course...anything and everything. Oh, the things I can do to you.

I know who you are. I can make you anything I want.

This is your cum fee...and you will cum...all over those pretty little panties. I want to see them Dripping

This is $10...and for the soaking I'll give you worth tenfold.

This is my strap-on...and what I can do with it. Want to see what you're in for?

$5...and a little gift for my slut with purchase.

My ass...for you to worship...$10

For the little slut that can't get enough...more ass to kiss and lick...

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