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Your Very Existence Repulses Me

I am Mistress Grace.

I don't see any reason to be coy, or pretend like I care, so let's be frank: you are disgusting.

The only real purpose you have is to serve Me. I want your money, you need to be disciplined, so the answer is simple...I take it. I will use you as a worthless little piggy bank, dumping out the contents of your pockets as I see fit, spending all your money as I desire.

Come sit by My pristine feet, kneeling at My side like a mongrel bitch by its Mistress, and listen to My words. Absorb the reality of your own patheticness, understand without doubt My superiority, and begin your training as My personal bank account. I will take what you have to give, then squeeze more from your every repulsive pore.

I am only here to use you, not to be your friend, lover, or confidant.

While I take your cash, I may rub My feet on your undeserving face, use your tongue to clean My toes, or even train you how to wash My stockings in your mouth, but it is all for My pleasure. Lick My soles clean and savour the very essence of humility beneath Me.

These are My demands.

I do not have the time, nor the energy to waste on those who are not serious, so don't bother Me if you are not ready to spoil Me as a Goddess and submit to My control.





$ Pay My Car Payment $

I will use you for My own amusement.