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My name is Ms. Olsson, but you will call me


About Me: I am a beautiful, dominant woman who derives intense pleasure from controlling men, and who does so with pride, style, and skill.


Another Red-Hot-Lava Chastity Recording... you asked, and I SURE as Hell can DISH IT OUT!

Remember-the photos/pics you see of my soft, full, lush lips are all mine. Obviously, some have been tweaked w/image software to go with the style of the image (such as my logos) and the vector drawings aren't photos, but the rest are all me, courtesy of Mother Nature, not collagen injections!

I have hundreds of photos featuring My beautiful, natural, bee-stung lips ...but the one above is My personal favorite. I know what it does to you. Smooth, velvety, can you imagine them pressed against yours? Gentle nibbles, looking you in the eye as I tongue your sensitive nipples? Pulling, tugging, sliding through My gleaming white teeth as I make eye contact and show you a gorgeous, predatory grin?

Come on... you want to get me off, don't you?

It's been so long since you've had a taste of me and the love potion between my legs. Would you like the gift of pleasuring Me? To use YOUR MOUTH to make me orgasm-hear the sounds I make when I cum over and over. The best part/gift to know YOUR mouth caused me to writhe and gasp and toss my beautiful head and long, tousled blonde hair from side to side wildly, bite my lush pink lips with my gleaming white teeth, arch my back, tangle my hands roughly through my mane of hair,gasp for air, beg, cause a huge gush of hot sexy dirty words from me in a voice thick with passion, dripping pure lust?

To know your mouth made me buck my hips and whimper...

You want it so much it makes you ache and cramp up...your mouth waters...

How would you feel if, after 6 weeks of not letting you mouth anywhere NEAR my pussy, I told you that you earned a treat--that you could make me get off with your mouth. I know how hungry you are for my bare pussy. Hands behind your back. I taste like sweet melted butter...

If I were a meal, you'd lick the plate clean!


"How long do you think this will last?" you ask Me helplessly.

"Until I decide," I answer, wickedly smiling but dead serious."You're in MY bed now, boy."

While we are on the topic of yearning, it is thought that a man who has been denied pussy over a long period (the same way that someone crawling through hot sand with no water for a long period) will begin to hallucinate 'mirages'. Talk about a mind-fuck, huh? Man, those poor guys lost in a hot desert, stumbling around only takes 3 days of no water/hydration till their systems start to shut down and they die slowly. Also, maybe it's mostly an "vision-fuck" (not as much mind-fuck, like you) for those poor guys.

Plus... I can keep you alive indefinitely without giving you the taste of my sweet juice...

My Wish List

My Wish List


You know your Goddess. You know I always want to give you EVEN MORE of a taste (so to speak!) of all the things I can do to torment and tease you.

I suppose some unimaginative women might think just locking you up in a CB-2000 is enough power. No, there's so much MORE! I think you already know how much I love a mind-fuck (my chastity slaves know one of my specialties is making you a deal promising you release on certain terms, then finding some little loophole in the wording of my deal and exploiting it) toss in some humiliation and service for MY pleasure only...if you know Domina Alexis, you know My love and expertise for humiliation and mind games.

Call now and hear about how I would make it happen...

MY way!

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Obey Domina-- IS in your best interest.