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The last Financial Domina You Will Ever Need

Let me start by saying that by the time I am through with you, you will be at the pawn shop hawking your wedding ring (in the event that you actually got some poor girl to marry your loser little piggy self). You should feel grateful just reading something I wrote with my delicate, beautifully manicured hands (get ready to be paying for my manicures and pedicures from now on as well), why should you? How dare you even question me!!! You are a piggy loser and your only reason to be on this planet is to indulge me, you will be completely ruled by me and oh so lucky that a princess like myself would give you the time of day, that it is an honor just to be able to breathe in my presence, maybe we should go on a shopping trip during our session, little piggy, you can hit the tip button while we are shopping (cell phones are a great invention) and you can actually listen to me spending your money, how lucky for you!, so we can expand my vast shoe collection, Dior, Chanel, LV. only the finest for my perfectly formed feet, however a loser subhuman of a like you probably does not make enough in a month to pay for one pair of my shoes, but I will take everything you have anyway, so get ready to hand it all over sissy. I will debase and humiliate you in ways beyond your wildest nightmares/dreams maybe even buy you some panties with your money and dangle them in front of the camera. Then..I will tell you what I let real men do to me, and I will be so very cruel and scurrilous, I will tell you how nasty and naughty I am and what kind of debauchery goes on when weaklings like you are not around and REAL men are, what seamy, dirty,unbeleivable sex ! You will be drooling and groveling at my every word as I tell you what a real man does to me, , a real man does not have to pay for it, don't you wish you were a real man? WELL YOU ARE NOT!! You are a loser, and maybe your tiny inchy worm in your tighty whities will wake up and wet yourself as i tell my stories, you naughty little piggy boy!!. When I am through with you, you will be in a crumpled heap on the floor in the corner wimpering and squealing and begging for more of me. I will be in utter control of you, and your money, in every way, because losers like you serve one purpose , Just don't forget that the only purpose you serve is to please me , everything you do from this moment forward is to focus on keeping me happy and maintain living in the luxury I am accustomed to and deserve, so get ready little puppet pig. Here I come! PS)If you are going to be parsimonious even a little bit do not waste my time, there is nothing I hate more in the world than a bad hair day and a cheap piggy!