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Couple Kat and Trent

Experience A Live Tantric Massage Lesson

Husband: "I've been wanting to get my wife to share an erotic experience with me online. I would love to have her get on cam with me or have the two of us watch another couple on cam! But I don't know how to approach her about it. Is there a tasteful way to get her involved in an experience like that?"

Wife: "My husband always promises to give me long sensual massages. But whenever he does get around to doing it (which is seldom), it's always brief and rather unfulfilling. Isn't there some angle I could use to arouse his passion to learn to massage me correctly the way I want to be touched?"

Guys: Are you looking for a way to ignite some new passion in your relationship? Wanting to know the secret to getting your partner relaxed and in the mood for some sensual play? Then sign up for our Live Tantric Massage Lesson and let us demonstrate the techniques that you need to know.

Wish your girlfriend or wife was into the idea of sharing an intimate experience online with another couple but don't know how to approach her about trying it? Then ask her if she'd like for you to learn the art of Tantric Massage. Are you a couple who is too shy to go and take a real class on massage? Then ask your wife about participating anonymously in a lesson from the comfort of your own home.

Girls: Is your guy always making excuses for not giving your body the attention it craves? Looking for a way to motivate him to invest time and effort in pleasing you the right way? Then tell him you'd like to participate in our Live Tantric Massage Lesson that is fun and informative.

We are a professional couple who have been teaching tantric massage for 3 years now. We would love to show you the correct method to give your partner an arousing, enticing massage that will awaken incredible passion within them.

We will do cam and phone while demonstrating our massage techniques. While performing our massage, we will tell you what we are doing and why we are doing it and advise you on the proper pace. You are welcome to turn on your cam also if you'd like feedback on your technique, but please feel free to be discreet if you are too shy to be on cam.

10:00 pm to 2:00am weeknights
11:00 pm to 2:00am weekends
Please try to make an appointment for a special lesson outside of our usual availablity.

Length of call:
You can pace the call however you'd like but a reasonable lesson usually takes 30-45 minutes.

Our types of clients:
We make appointments with couples or singles. Maybe you and your partner want to participate together, or maybe you'd like to experience the lesson by yourself and surprise your partner later. Or maybe you'd like to just watch and enjoy us while we please each other.

How tame or wild are the cam shows:
Ultimately we are here to please you. Our calls and cam shows are aimed at couples eager to learn the art of sensual massage. For couples truly interested in the proper massage techniques, we are very focused on providing proper technique instruction without getting distracted. At the end of our massages, however, Trent and I are almost always understandably aroused and willing to do whatever would please us. We will tell you when the lesson is over and you are welcome to end the call at that point, but you are of course welcome to watch what happens after the massage ends and the real fun begins. Of course some of our clients are less interested in watching a massage and more interested in watching other activities. We enjoy giving instruction but keep in mind that we also love to recieve instructions as well.