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Your Guide to the HotWife Lifestyle

Welcome to a long standing lifestyle that is really growing!

HotWife Couples are when the wife has extra martial sexual adventures with her husbands full knowledge and enjoyment. I would love to discuss the who, why, and how with you. Behind the man with two women, this is the most common male fantasy. Being with two men is second to many women as a top sexy fantasy. Life is short why not experience harmless indulgence?
Note:Cuckolds are submissive husbands, HotWife husbands are equal partners. Knowing this will keep tempers from flaring

Husbands: Would you love to watch your wife in burning passion? See her in a sexual glow? Not sure how to approach her? Afraid she will freak out if you ask her to try it? Want to watch your favorite lady in a live freaky sex show just for you? Has she been unfaithful, and you wonder about new directions? I can help!

Note:This works well because women by nature are exhibitionists, men by nature are voyeurs.

Wives: Want to excite your man with a hot fantasy life? Need some extended flirtation & foreplay? Want your cake and eat it too? Want to show him new frontiers? Want to be the sexy center of attention, that lady in public and naughty tramp in bed? I can help!

Note:20-50% of all women have affairs, why not indulge without hurting your happy home?

Couples: Want healthy new passion in your love lives? Want that heart racing first time feeling all over again, and again, and again? Want to grow closer to your spouse than ever? I can help!

Note: Most have had sex with others before marriage anyway and neither of you died from it.

Extra Guys: Wonder how to find a HW couple? How to approach and be considered for some action? What is the language of a HW couple? The standard way to communicate with a HW couple? I can help!

Note: A married couple would be very clean, safe, & DISCREET!

As a Hot Wife Husband living the life for over five years I can give ideas how to convince your spouse this is potentially the best thing to ever happen to you both. Open couples are closer and more loving than most in traditional relationships. Sex is not degrading or devaluing, the opposite actually true. Instead of straying and betrayal, why not do what comes natural together?

Want tips on dodging the pitfalls, while getting the most passion? Husbands, wives, extra boyfriends and "soon to bes" are all welcome. While this life will not be for everyone,and nobody should feel used or degraded. A balance of pleasure can be reached, after all you are a couple in love. We can work the balance between romance novel and stag film, so all have sexy memories to last a lifetime. I am looking forward to helping you become something most others only dream of.

Please note that you will be speaking to the HotWife Husband about this lifestyle & we are not looking for additional playmates