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Payment Princess

The brat next door teases you relentlessly!


Oh my God, isn't this exciting? The second I heard I could do this I was like OMFG where do I sign up!! I am already gabbing away all day on my cell phone. I am a typical nineteen year old girl. I go to school, I love to shop, I love to party, I love to fuck, I love teasing guys, and I love to spend money!

If I can tease and flirt and giggle, or use and suck and fuck my way into allowance from older guys who dig busty younger chicks, I am so there!!

I gotta warn ya. I am a huge tease. I am spoiled bad, but my allowance isn't near enough. No, I don't have a job, all I do is go to school and party. If I'm fucking you it's for one of two reasons. You have a huge cock, or you have a huge wallet. All girls are that way anyway and you know it. Except your second rate wife lol. Because really, who else would marry a guy like you? You have to be able to get with a girl like me, to have a girl like me. roflmao

For those who can though, Mmmm. See this lips? I give the best blow jobs you've ever imagined in your life. Telling you about it ain't half bad either. Need to learn to suck a cock? Baby, you'll be a pro in no time. I can work a cock like nobodies business. I am a girl who loves cock. Real cock. Hard cock. BIG cock. Small cocks are like, ew, a turn off. Don't bring em here.

I like intelligent, affluent, hot bodied, hard older men who either want a lover or a sugar baby who looks young enough to be his ... *giggles * and fucks him like it. Or, I like guys who enable my entitled young Princess lifestyle.

The more addicted to me you are the better. I want you talking to me every day, getting off to me EVERY day. Unless of course you are one of those *special* ones I won't want to fuck lol, but that's our little secret isn't it? Anyway, you will <3 looking at me!

Pay my allowance! I want to go out tonight.


Want more pics of my gorgeous breasts? My feet? Me in white socks and a skirt? Just tell me what you crave. I will make your bratty hard on gush.