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Lady Rose

I will strip away every bit of your masculinity

Lady Rose - This Rose has Thorns

Some people have to learn Dominance. For others, it's as natural as breathing. It's what, who, and how they are. I am the latter. Fierce, strong and independent. I wear what pleases me, do what pleases me.

Think you can handle that?


I am the one that people stare at when I am in public, the one that good parents are afraid their children will become. I am uncompromisingly myself. Are you man enough to follow behind me, eyes locked on my 5" platforms?

I am the keeper of the darkest areas of your psyche, willing to play where others flinch. Do you need to be disciplined, teased, denied, have every area of your life controlled by a strong woman, secure in herself and her power over you? Do you need to be told which panties to wear, which perfume, which nail polish I prefer on you?

I adore stripping away all shreds of your masculinity, telling you how you will shape yourself to my whim, serving me with your body, soul and wallet. If you please me, I might allow you the pleasure of my strap-on, of worshiping my boots, of being allowed orgasm.

You will deny yourself, humble yourself and change yourself all for me.

I am a Lady, and one way or the other, you -will- remember your place.