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PPV Humiliation assignments for you

Hey bitches! My name's Kara and this site is for those of you who need humiliation assignments to put you in your place! It has astounded me for all 21 years of my life how willing men can be to make pathetic imbeciles of themselves, if they think it will earn them the attention of a hot girl like me.

I'm going to exploit that streak in YOU.

You might think I find it 'amusing' or 'endearing' to know of your desires to crawl around on all fours and beg to spurt your load on the carpet as a sign of your devotion to me.

I don't.

Let's be honest; it's pathetic, it's stupid and it's also a waste of your money as invariably you have to pay for the privelidge, as there's certainly no woman who'd want to know that there are such slimy, perveted men around who enjoy being abused without being paid serious bucks to hear about it.

Which is where I cum in.

Someone needs to pay for my partying in college, so it might as well be some creep half way round the world who is full of such self-loathing (probably because of physical inadequacies) that he wants to spend his cash on being told to perform degrading, sordid acts in order to get himself horny enough to wank, only to feel even greater self-hatred immediately after jizzing into his panties, which lasts right up to the next time he feels horny again. Am I right?

I don't want you to ring me, that's why I'm charging such a high rate sh*tface! Just do the assignments like the sick f*ck you are and leave good feedback.

Stay tuned for humiliation assignments, sick loser.

K xxx