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Verbal Mugging - The Ultmate Pay Out!

Tired of all the Princesses with their "oh, I'm so cute so give me everything" bullshit? Well, you won't get that here you micro dicked pansy. I am 34 and the meanest bitch you will ever meet. I don't like you, I don't like anything about you and the only way you will even get the opportunity to hear my smoky, sultry voice is to pay out the ass and suffer through the humiliation of my sharp tongue. You will be my verbal punching bag so just get used to it.

You know that you are the kind of guy that people only hang around because of what you buy or bring. The one nobody likes. You have to buy your friends. I will never be your friend, but you will pay ME to even acknowledge you are there. You buy the booze, the food, the cool assed things I like. Then I laugh... Got it?


  • Mugging
  • Price Increases
  • Ruinization
  • Blackmail
  • Pay for Pain
  • Kept Woman
  • Pickpocketing

I am a tough girl who is both educationally and street smart. I like playing the blues in biker bars and partying hard on your $$$$. Fuck all this typing, you're not worth it you little cuntworm. Just buy me something and call me to get what you deserve.


I live on the wild side and you, my worthless little butt gnome, will be pulled into a world you could only imagine.

All the pics are me, all the photos are copyrighted by me, including the background of the bikes. 100% real, 100% bitch, 100% OWNING YOU!
My Wish List

Buy My Whiskey $50

$100 for Breathing MY air!

$200 Just for Being a LOSER!

$500 Mugging

Buy My Camera $800

Pay 1/25th of My New Harley!