Phone Sex

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The Humiliation Princess

You are nothing but a Human Ashtray to me

When you call me, you will be stepping into MY world. A world where you mean nothing. You will merely exist to me as a means to an end. I will decide whether you stay in my world or you are thrown aside like those before you who couldn't measure up.

I will give you a clue...

Phonesex will NOT happen with me!

If that is on your horny mind, I suggest you keep browsing, because if you even hint at it, I will hang up on you without so much as a Fuck You.

What will happen with me is humiliation, severe verbal abuse and financial domination. I will shatter your self esteem and crush your ego without any regard to your feelings. I will tease and taunt you and force you to do humiliating tasks just so I can laugh at your stupidity. I will sell you photos and videos of my hot body so you can see exactly what you will never get. I might even force you to buy videos of me having sex with REAL men so you can see how inferior you really are. It all depends on what mood I am in at that particular moment.

Stunning body teaser

Outside in my bikini

Skimpy pink outfit

Tits only

With a real man

Lucky Toy

Public humiliation: It depends
Humiliation: Tboy
Small dick humiliation: Size matters
Public humiliation: Shades of humiliation
Small dick humiliation: How do you measure up?