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Italian Goddess I take what I want - I WANT UR $$

I'm Gianna the original Italian Princess.

I know what I want and I get it.

  • I don't have to call you a loser; we both know that I'm far superior to you.
  • I don't have to constantly remind you that I'm only interested in your money; you know.
  • I don't have to humiliate you,'re here aren't you?
  • I don't need to tell you how lucky you are that I would ever talk to you; you know.
  • What I will do is get inside your head. You won't be able to stop thinking about Me

    I'll give your boring life the excitement it craves.
    I'll give your mere, pathetic existance meaning.
    You'll no longer be just another ordinary Joe - you'll be Gianna's.
    You'll feel good again about your worthless life, knowing you have Gianna to talk to.

    How do you get this?
    Money, of course.
    Yes, money can buy happiness and your happiness is just a click away.

    What are you waiting for?
    You keep looking at page after page, looking for "that" something.
    The "it" you've been missing.
    You've finally found Me
    Change your dreary life now; forever.

    I love to show off My beautiful body. I just don't do it free. But, you knew that didn't you?
    Just click on a thumbnail and start your collection
    You're going to want to collect all of your Princess' pictures after seeing these.



    I love to be showered gifts! Just click and send!
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