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Racial Queen

Racial Queen Humiliation Degradation

Ok so this is how it works. I’m the Racial Queen, you’re the lowly slave, which means from this point on you will spend each and every moment thinking of ways you can please me. You will learn from the start that I don’t care about your feelings, that all I care about is Myself. After all just look at how beautiful I am, my creamy pale skin, long blonde hair; I’m everything you’ve been looking for in an Aryan Mistress. So if you want to spend time with me you had best be ready to please me. Also if you wish to talk to me you will have to purchase the Slave Application, fill it out and send it back to me here on niteflirt. You may be thinking why should I do this, and to that I will say; I am not going to play 2o questions with you morons trying to find out what your fetish is. So be a good twit and do as you’re told. I do so hope you can follow orders or we will be getting off on a very rocky start and I just know you don’t want to do that now do you? Now just for the fun of it I’m going to list a few things that I adore doing. Racial Humiliation, Small Cock Humiliation, Financial Domination, CBT, Corporal Punishment and Hypnosis. There are more but I just don’t care to take the time to list them all so deal with it.