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That's why you are here. That's why you are looking at my profile. Maybe it's your first time. Maybe your 100th. Doesn't matter. Now that you are here, you are ready to fall. Fall into trance. Fall into love... with me.. for the rest of your days. My name is Princess Nicole. Soon to be YOUR Princess. I am a love Goddess, here to give you a gift. The gift of sexual trance.

But my gifts come with a price. The more you give yourself to me, the more in love you will become. You will be completely in love with my power and control over you. I utilize erotic hypnosis to bring your mind to your knees. Your cock is hard just thinking about what I will do you to. When your cock is hard, your mind is soft. Hard cock, soft mind. Completely mine. You cannot resist my charms, you will succumb to my love spell like all have before you. Soon I will be all you think about. All you dream about. All you care for. Is that your cock still throbbing. Pulsing to the whisper of my voice caressing your mind.

Let me take you deeper. Deeper than you have ever imagined. Call me, and lose yourself to me... now.

Latest Recordings:

Mind Cuts Hypnotic Poison
This 30 minute erotic experience is one you will want to listen to again and again. Sexy, sensual, erotic, intoxicating and HOT! I am going to leave you weak, helpless and unable to ever resist. I honestly believe this is The best work I have ever produced.

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Mind Cuts Venus is Rising
Happy Halloween! Venus is Rising is a 28 minute erotic hypnosis file that will relax and seduce you. Then before you know it you are abducted by an alien Princess (ME). I will disrobe you then probe you (your mind that is). Get ready for a wild ride.

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Mind Cuts I'm Watching You
New MP3 I’m Watching you is 29 minutes long and very sexy. Have you ever fantasized about Me watching you? Well in this MP3 you will have your fantasy granted because I will guide you into a deep trance while watching you.

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Mind Cuts Happiness
This is a 29 minute FINANCIAL DOMINATION file. Very sexy very soft yet oh so forceful. One listen and I will have you so happy that you will be willing to do anything I tell you to do. This file includes special effects that will melt your mind, your will and your heart. Unless you are willing to fall faster, harder and deeper than you ever have I suggest you keep away from this file.

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Mind Cuts There Can Be Only One
This Erotic Hypnosis file will make you see that there can only be one person in your life that makes you happy Me! Only I can make you happy, only I can be in charge, only I can be in control. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

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Mind Cuts Mind Matrix
This 23 minute Erotic Hypnosis MP3 will lead you from the Matrix into your new reality. A reality where you love, serve and obey Me. Nothing less is acceptable!

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Mind Cuts Let Go
This file is the most sexy hypnosis file I have released EVER! Over 37 minutes of sweet, soft, sensual, sexy erotic hypnosis. I will have you so weak and helpless you will “Let Go” and do anything I want! I know this MP3 will quickly become your favorite.

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