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1 minute True Friendships - Make the Connection

This is one minute True Friendships - Make the Connection line for the truly desperate or lonely among you. For those of you who have a great need to hear the voice of a Real Friend, My precious voice and get around to starting the conversation and then within a minute, I will hang up and you will have to call back and go for one minute again. Are you loser enough to handle it?!!! Show Me!

The 1 minute True Friendships can only be obtained from Real Friend Princess Skye! I will be the best friend you have never had. You will keep calling because you feel compelled to and because you enjoy knowing that with every 1 minute phone call your wallet is getting emptier and emptier and yet you are having more and more fun calling My 1 minute True Friendship line, lol. It is imperative that you keep calling back to keep developing our friendship. hehe

Well, at 50 for every 1 minute call, this is sure to be a conversation during which you will have to keep refilling your account just to keep calling back and to hear My amusement and laughter and to continue our conversation. haha This will be so much fun! ...for Me, which is what realy counts anyway. haha

Let's begin! Hurry! Call now. Time is ticking and you are dying to try My 1 min line. Don't deprive yourself any longer. Run! Refill! Call! Our friendship awaits!

Ready! Set! GO!!!!

There are a number of other listings at You need to show Me what My friendship means to you, or do a good deed, do something meaningful, do the right thing or put a smile on My face and here are a bunch of options for you to do just that!