Phone Sex

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Call Callie

$3.09/min,Ejaculation Fee, Come Like Never Before


I will take your money and your manhood
and leave both you and your wallet drained!

How big is yours? Not your dick, stupid, your
bank account. Is it big enough to satisfy me?
PROVE IT. I am a very high maintenance woman,
a very expensive bad habit. And I will be your best
and worst bad habit. Can you afford me?

Does your money make you a man? Does it give you
power? You will surrender to me, hand it over,
even tell me how to take more. And you will feel

The more money that you give me, the harder you
will get, and the harder you will come. If I let
you come. The one rule is - You can not be
satisfied until I am. And it takes a lot to
satisfy me ... a lot of money.

Don't even think about calling me unless you
have what it takes.

Do you want to play my $10.00 a stroke masturbation
game? Piss me off and I might make it $20.00
a stroke and I still might not let you come. Of
course all of the strokes have to be prepaid.

Money games are my favorite kind of games to play.
$10.00 a stroke masturbation,
offerings to the goddess, raise the rate, cash cow
cuckold, spoiled pricktease, money slavery, drain
the loser. I do love wallet draining. Maybe I would
even let you kiss your way up my long legs, $10.00
an inch, of course. Kiss my ass - $500.00? flat fee.
I set the price ... You pay.

By the way...My biggest turn on is a stack of $100 bills

Dangerous games are the most fun to play.

I am not for the faint of heart.