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Hi, I'm Whitney. You've probably heard that cleanliness is next to Godliness, but as far as I'm concerned, cleanliness is next to horniness. There's nothing that turns me on more than washing my car in the raw, scorching heat of summer while my neighbors are outside enjoying the weather. They might be having cook-outs, but more often than not, I think they'd rather have their cocks out! I'll get into my white bikini( that's see-thru when it gets wet) or a white tank top and short shorts with no panties or bra underneath,when wet, you can see my pussy lips and big pink nipples protruding through the material.

Then I bring out a big bucket of vanilla-scented soapy water, and lather myself and my car up. I love the feeling of the icy water splashing against my warm skin and trickling down between my ripe, firm, all natural, 34D titties. I can feel my neighbor's eyes watching me. The wives and girlfriends look at me with jealousy and disgust and the men are all fantasizing about giving me a good, summer fucking. I might be playing with the water, but it's not the water that's getting me wet!

Sometimes if it's just a guy out cooking, I'll take my top off and pretend I don't see him. I'll slowly rinse and shower with the hose in my driveway, pulling my panties aside so he can get a glimpse of my tight, shaved pussy and luscious ass. If he's really hot, I'll lie on the hood and rub myself until the hose isn't the only thing squirting in the driveway! I've never invited anyone over to help me wash my car yet, but maybe I will soon.

I probably wash my car more than anyone I know...I hope you stop by if you're ever in my neighborhood. Maybe I'll let you lather me up. Hehe Don't worry about my worthless husband, well worthless in the bedroom...our agreement is that I can have all the cock I want!

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