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Do hot sexy women turn you on? Do you like looking at a woman while she slides a big fat THICK cock between her pussy lips and screams as she cum's on it? OR maybe you like knowing that you'll never feel that hot intense wet pussy wrapped around your own little worm, but you know how much pleasure she's getting from laughing at you and making fun and that excites you even more.

Can you imagine me riding his black cock backwards, looking over at you and telling you how your pathetic little dick is never going to slide into my body... that the closest you're going to come to fucking my pussy is my dirty panties with my lovers cum drying all over them.

Get down there and suck those toes clean bitch, you know you liked listening to me get fucked by that thick cock while you were at work... now if only I would let you lick me clean and not just my panties. Well for that privilege you'll have to pay, and pay dearly... oh I'm not talking about just money, though I love money and presents (feel free to send me some anytime). I'm talking about emotional pain, begging, and maybe even weeping to be allowed to clean my cum filled pussy out.

I'm going to make you watch me while that black cock slides into my pussy with no condom on... I'm going to make you pretend I'm your girlfriend (you wish it was so anyways) and I'm letting you watch me get knocked up by my favorite big black lover, with his monster 12 inch cock... A TWELVE INCH COCK, not your pathetic 4" worm.. but a REAL man, someone that deserves a woman like me. Look at him while he does it, look at my face while I tell him to fill my pussy FULL of that hot baby making juice... now if only you were a real man, maybe you could be doing it too.

Yes some of you are pathetic maggots that don't even deserve to be in the same bedroom as a cock loving woman like myself... you don't deserve to be allowed to get on your knees and suck me clean. But for the ones that want to pay for the privilege of being around me, be sure to call me.

I do all fetishes from sissy girls to boys that just like to watch and everything else imaginable. If I am available and you want to do a call, CALL ME. I do not check my mail every second of every day, my status is very obvious for all to see. Free Minutes ONLY go to those that have already left five star ratings in my feedback for ALL their calls. I then expect you to email me and ask politely for your free minutes.

This is NOT a cam listing, I have many different pictures of myself but I do not cam at this time. I am seeking suggestions on appropriate makes and models for future listings.

My NiteFlirt homepage is if you wish to see more pictures of me as well as all my listings. I expect you to purchase off your fetish or idea, therefore if you want regular phone sex... if you want me to pant and moan and cum with you, I expect you to pay the extra money a minute... I WILL hang up if I find you called the wrong listing JUST for cheaper phone.

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